MMDF Ambassadors

The heartbeat of our lifesaving mission.

Ambassadors are Multicultural Miracle Donor Foundation community volunteers and advocates raising awareness and educating the public about organ donation and transplantation, organ matching, and education.

What it means to be an Ambassador

MMDF Ambassadors are passionate about organ donation, allocation and policy development. Many have a direct connection to organ donation or transplantation. Ambassador opportunities include:

  • Share your transplantation journey
  • Amplify MMDF’s message on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Participate in public comment
  • Advocate for organ policy proposals
  • Learn more and share information about transplant trends
  • Show your support by giving to MMDF

MMDF's Inaugural Ambassador

Sophia Jackson

As most of you are aware, I am a Living Kidney Donor. Because It’s a cause that's so dear to my heart, I decided I wanted to do more to help others like Kimberly. December 15th marks the one-year anniversary of MMDF, Multicultural Miracle Donor Foundation, a 501C3 Non-profit that's  dedicated to bringing Awareness of Organ and Tissue Donation to Multicultural Communities.
As MMDF grows, the mission of changing how Organ Transplation is viewed, statistics,  and assisting Multicultural Communities, Sophia Jackson has the drive, ambition, and dedication as I do myself, which is why I've chosen her to be the first Ambassador for MMDF and hopefully many more to come. We want to continue to serve the community, support, and bring diversity to other Large Foundations as well, help normalize Organ Donation, especially LIVING Organ Donation. With that, I would love for you to help me welcome our first Ambassador, Sophia Jackson, who is also a Living Kidney Donor. Please click on the link to watch her news story.