MODA's Book Club

These books have made an inspirational impact on MODA! This list is a compilation of those books she highly recommends.


Organ Donation

Our Very Own Trish Phillips' book along with 24 other heart warming stories of organ donations from the very donators themselves.  A must read for those within the organ transplant community.

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Dialysis Your Way: How To Actively Participate In Your Dialysis Treatment To Maintain Your Well-Being

This book was a great guide and tool to have if you're on dialysis or have been told by your Doctor that it's needed. Even though Antonio has made it clear that he isn't a Medical Professional, and to follow the advice from your Physician, this easy read is full of a wealth of knowledge, and valuable tips and tools of what to expect, look out for, and do's and don'ts. He goes into great detail of his own personal experience on his journey, he's very open and honest. If it was anything to not like, it would be that it isn't longer than what it is. When it was over, it leaves you wanting more, and also the illustrations were very well drawn. This book is definitely recommended and worth your time and funds for sure.  Order your copy here.



Review by Trish:
As most of you know since I became A Living Kidney Donor 12/15/16, I have been on a mission advocating to spread the word on Organ Donation, Living or Deceased, especially in the African American Communities. The statistics have been overwhelming to see that we have a high percent on dialysis and a low percent to sign up as Organ Donors.

This book is well written that you can enjoy rather you're already an Organ Donor or not. It gives you a look into what it EXACTLY means and feel like to be in this life setting on all ends of the journey. It keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more. You won't be disappointed at all! I don't want to tell the story for you so please feel free to click on the link below! I am not in partnership or commission for this book, this is my own true feeling of how this book is beyond REMARKABLE!

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When Death Becomes Life: Notes from a Transplant Surgeon

This book was very fascinating and a great way to learn how things are performed from the side of an Organ Transplantation Surgeon.  Order it here.

Permission to Thrive: My Journey from Grief to Growth

Review by Trish:
This work of Non Fiction tugged at my heart strings. The journey of their vibrant teenage daughter's was a hard pill for me to swallow. I listened on Audible, so my heart goes out the the Author who also did her own narration of her book. I applaud her in so many ways. Even though the book was full of grief, it also was heroic acts of selfless love. Even though the Author/Mom battled with a similar health issue of her own, the book still ended on a peaceful note. Being a Organ Transplantation Advocate, I recommend this book to everyone. Maybe taking a walk through the lives of the family in this book, will help many others to see, how important Organ Donation Heroes are very important in life.

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Crown & Glory: My Hair Is Beautiful

This is a very cute, well illustrated beautiful book. The message is great and speaks confidence and knowing your worth for young girls. It's a must have for coming into your own in this day and age with your hair crown. Not only is this great for kids, it's also a must have for adult women as well. I highly recommend it.

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The Reflection Series

What a great roller-coaster ride!! This a real page turner so fasten your seat belts. It was well written by the Author as well. I loved how the Character's developments and storylines were well displayed and hard to figure out. There wasn't a dull moment, and in fact I had to pause the book several times. I really hated when it ended, so I'm looking forward to more work from this Author. It's just one of the books from a series, so the others are definitely a must. The suspense throughout and ending was EVERYTHING FIVE STARS  hands down.

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Once in a Lifetime

I review this book with a joy filled heart, and wish I can give it more than the 5 STARS that's allowed. This particular one hit home with me being a Living Kidney Donor since 2016. It's very heart felt, detailed, and didn't leave me with a dry eye at all. I loved how it tied two different Organ Transplant surgeries into the storyline. I totally recommend this one to everyone, especially those impacted by the Organ Donation World. If you believe in Miracles, this is a book for you. 

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Voices-19 Their Legacies Live On

This book pulled at my heart strings, the tears were there, and the tears flowed. It allowed you to look into the lives of the victims from Covid-19. They're not just a number, they are individuals who left memories behind with their families. The first story was by one of the Co-Authors named Jean Sime, she was the main reason this book was created. She lost her Sister/Best Friend Vivian, early on April 2020. Her chapter allowed you to get to know Vivian, and hear the heartache of the tragedy unfolding. I recommend this book to everyone, and just know, that we are all blessed to still be hear while the loved ones in this book are no longer here to read with us. Let's not look at it as being a sad book to read, let's find joy and comfort with letting their stories be told.

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