Multicultural Miracle Donor Foundation Launches!

MMDF has officially launched.  Trish Phillips, Executive Director chose this very special day to launch her dream.  

5 years ago to the day, after making a life saving decision, Executive Director, Trish Phillips, creates a life transforming organization, Multicultural Miracle Donor Foundation (MMDF).  Her crusade to educate, inform, assist and empower support for both multicultural living and the families of deceased organ donors.  

When we caught up with Ms. Phillips, she stated “what occured five years ago today was simply to save the life of a dear friend by giving a kidney. Over the years I’ve learned of the lack of information, disinformation out there about organ donation, especially for different ethnicities.  I want to make a difference.  Multicultural Miracle Donor Foundation will make that difference.  Because of this, I decided to create The Multicultural Miracle Donor Foundation to work within our community to truly educate and assist not only the organ donors, but future generations of organ donors and their families.  I am living proof that organ donations make a difference.”

On this anniversary of my donating life, would you please join us through your very kind gift, your involvement, and your support today!  Many ways to donate, Paypal, Zelle, CashApp and Amazon Smile.  

Look over our website and learn more about our mission and ways your support is needed.